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The Start of It All

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

September of 2013, The Experience Photography came to be.

I had always liked taking pictures, and been told I had a natural eye for it. At the beginning, I just took pictures of my family and close friends, using my parent's outdated point + shoot Sony. Out of nowhere, I started getting inquiries from total strangers. People were referring me, and I hadn't even thought of starting a photography business. My fiancé is the reason my business exists. He pushed me and helped me shape The Experience Photography. November of 2013, my fiancé went out and helped me purchase my first professional camera. Taking the plunge of starting my photography business has been terrifying, but it's all been worth it. I've made a killing doing this, and I owe it all to the support from my family and friends; they push me, every day, to follow my dreams. They are my #1 fans, and I am beyond grateful to be theirs.

If there is one thing I want to stress to anyone just getting to know me for the first time, it's that I don't just want to be a photographer to my clients; I want to be their friend.

I want them to know that they can totally trust me; that, with me, it's a safe place where we can ALL be raw + real, and open up about our lives.

For the majority of my life, I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I suffered from panic attacks, which led to pushing people in my life away. I put up walls and became depressed to the point of never wanting to leave the house. Photography has helped me through that. Through getting to know so many unique people, and encouraging them to embrace themselves with love, I have been able to tear down my own walls and learn how to love myself again. That is why I fell in love with it.

When I am behind my camera, I am free. Free of insecurity. Free from anxiety. To whoever is reading this, I hope that I can help you feel the same.

To wrap things up, here are some fun facts you probably didn't know about me!


I wanted to be a professional dog-walker.


1966 Volkswagen Beetle. I miss it so much!


All six seasons of Lost... in three weeks.


I'm on the cusp of Sagittarius and Scorpio


Chocolate + PB Milkshake!


Candles, cozy blankets and oversized hoodies.


Anything grape-flavored or scented, but I loooove grapes.


Spend too much time (and let's be real, mula) at Target.


Become fluent in Spanish and ASL!

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me.

I hope to hear from you soon + get to know you

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